April 12, 2014  Project News

Michael Kuhndt Addresses Global Town Hall

The ICLEI Global Town Hall at Metropolitan Solutions is the paramount platform for dialogues on innovative and sustainable urban infrastructure solutions, bringing together businesses, local governments, researchers, and developers. Metropolitan Solutions is the international trade fair for innovative solutions to urban infrastructure challenges in the key areas of energy, water and wastewater systems, green buildings, transportation, smart cities, resource management, safety, and security.


In his speech on Friday, 11 April 2014, Michael Kuhndt, Director of the CSCP, pointed out the advantages of designing urban infrastructures to not only enable but also encourage local residents to live sustainably. A video of his speech is available here by clicking on the title of his presentation. Susanne Salz, Project Manager at the CSCP, subsequently facilitated a session focusing on the "To-do list" for building future urban infrastructure.


The CSCP draws on solid experience in urban sustainability with projects such as Low Carbon Future Cities and Sustainable Public Procurement in Urban Administrations (SuPP-Urb) in China. CSCP has developed several visions of and offers for future sustainable cities, such as Living Labs, the Sharing City and a "Green Living" month.


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