September 12, 2012  CSCP News

CSCP on Guardian’s Sustainable Business online debate

Tuesday, 12 September the CSCP spoke about its work on sustainable lifestyles and behaviour change on the Guardian’s Sustainable Business online debate series.


The live discussion explored what is needed to make sustainable behaviours fun, easy and normal and how this can be achieved at the scale and pace required. The outstanding board looked together with all online participants at how business can help nudge consumers in the right direction, focusing on the role that marketing and communications strategies can play. What products would help make sustainable actions occur naturally, rather than with conscious effort from the consumer, and where do government policy and new frameworks enter the equation? 


Find the results summed up here.

The Panel

  • Cheryl Hicks, Team Leader sustainable lifestyles, UNEP/ Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Production and Consumption (CSCP)
  • Freya Williams, director of strategy at OgilvyEarth
  • David Jones, global CEO at Havas
  • Professor Fergus Lowe, professor in psychology at Bangor University and CEO of Food Dudes Health
  • Mark Earls, author of Herd
  • Stefano Giolito, director, sustainability at Unilever
  • Dr Mark Cobain, global new business director at Unilever