September 11, 2013  Conference, Project News

4 more years! SWITCH-Asia Network Facility at CSCP

The CSCP will be leading the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility for four more years. Since 2008 the Network Facility has worked to support SWITCH-Asia projects by exchanging lessons learned, taking stock of project results, and establishing new synergies to scale up project activities.


From June 18 to 20, 2013 the CSCP hosted the 5th SWITCH-Asia Networking Event. More than 150 invited participants took part, including SCP practitioners from many SWITCH-Asia projects, in particular participants from policy support projects and officials from national EU delegations from eight countries. Read what people had to say about the event.




An, Sustainable Building and Interior Design Initiative (SUS Bird): It is a good opportunity to establish networks - before this, we knew SWITCH-Asia has several projects on construction but now we can meet people doing similar projects face-to-face.”


Sonam, Tourism in Bhutan: “It is really good as it brings out each project’s perspective, different strategies by different projects and is good sharing. New ideas are brought out and these can help to improve in the future. There was good interaction and hopefully, project output would increase.”






Wilasenee, Automotive SSCM Thailand: "The process of Session 2 is not so favourable as it is noisy and confusing. (…) However, the discussion is very good. We got the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with other projects, learn from these other projects. We can learn how other projects do their projects through this sharing session.”


Ahmad Rizal Khalit, SCP Focal Point at EPU Malaysia: “Now our project is in the 2nd year. Before we signed the PSC contract in 2012, we were quite blur about this network facility. But after several meetings, we now get an idea about how this SWITCH-Asia programme works. We can establish contact with our fellow counterparts from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines."






Mingsun, Sustainable Consumption in urban China: “Very useful, got updated information on contract and financial management, even though it is not very detailed because of limited time. Discussion and questions are very useful.”


Silvia, Train the Trainers in Construction: “It was a great conference, especially the 2nd day has been very useful. I have attended at least 3 networking meetings but this is one of the annual networking meetings that is most useful. How the information was distributed was very efficient. The presentations based on industry rather than individual projects were very good." 






Leon, Biomass SP: "The most valuable thing I will take home with me is the communication way of presenting: workshop style, and Q&A in open-ended way. Also, the knowledge management concept or portal is very good. They presented the SCP clearing house, RECP Knowledge Management Portal, and SWITCH-Asia BAZAAR and these resources I will take home.”


Shikhar, Green Retail India: “I attended the group presentation on Appropriate Technologies. It was a very good session. The presenter shared on low cost technologies, which do not require much investment. Rather, it is based on traditional ways of living, and local knowledge, leading to the concept of consumption."