February 09, 2012  CSCP News, Project News, Conference


After delivering various trainings in the last couple of years, the SMART Start-up training programme is arriving to Istanbul,Turkey!  On the 14th of February 2012, the CSCP together with the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production Mediterranean Action Plan, Bogazici University Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center and the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will kick off the Mediterranean Edition of the Programme.


The SMART Start-up Training on Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean will take place between 14–17 February, 2012 at the notable venue of Bogazici University, in its historical building from 1890´s. The training is designed as an interactive discovery aiming to inspire the participants to explore the role of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean and the means of activating resource efficient businesses practices that can contribute to the Green Economy. The training also seeks to provide innovative mechanisms and tools for enhancing the capacity of sustainable entrepreneurs and sustainable business in the Mediterranean region.


Various of the existing sustainability-driven initiatives contributing to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles for citizens in the Mediterranean region have been already integrated into the Programme. Thus, the training will provide space for an exchange between the participants and the existing sustainable entrepreneurs, who will be visiting us on each day. The young innovators are going to share their experiences and explore together with the participants the means with which regular constraints can be converted into innovative opportunities, and how their sustainable business models can be scaled up for  global impact. A multidisciplinary group of talented and motivated Turkish students, young professionals and entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean regionare already preparing themselves for this unique experience.


Besides the training, SMART Start-up Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean is organized to happen on February the 17th, 2012 also at the Bogazici University in Istanbul. The event will open an interdisciplinary dialogue to a broad range of sustainable business and entrepreneurship stakeholders from the Mediterranean region, including entrepreneurs, policy makers, NGOs, academia, companies and investors, as well as the next generation of Turkish sustainable entrepreneurs. The later will present and pitch their business ideas that are to be developed during the SMART Start-up Training. Altogether around seventy participants are expected to join this event.



For more information please contact:

Jadwiga Zurad (Project Manager)
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