February 11, 2009  Project News, Conference, CSCP News

Conference on sustainable consumption and production "Dialogue & Action Platform for Sustainable Consumption and Production"

The "Dialogue & Action Platform for Sustainable Consumption and Production" is organised by the CSCP and will take place in Wuppertal on 16th - 18th of March 2009.


The objective of this conference is to provide a platform for actors that are engaged in SCP issues in order to enhance their involvement and their cooperation in this field. Different actors – civil society organisations as well as researchers – will come together and have the possibility to exchange their ideas, to generate new ones and to formulate possibilities of implementation. This space for discussion and participation will enable them to identify research needs, to target future cooperations and to increase their impact on other actors like private households, political institutions and companies. 


The target groups of the conference are civil society organisations, researchers and policy makers interested in and working with sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and sustainable lifestyles. The Conference programme is lively, interactive and participatory. It includes the following topics and workshops:

  • How to promote SCP policy processes? Update on the recent developments related to SCP public policy processes and reflect on the role of civil society at these various levels of policy making.
  • How to promote sustainable living in the consumers and in the city level? Following inspiring case presentations, new ideas and project concepts to promote behaviour change in the impact areas of food, housing and mobility will be discussed and generated.
  • What is the latest in SCP research? How can research support civil society? Presentations and best cases on different SCP research and public policy instruments, followed by active discussion and feedback.
  • What are the research needs for more effective civil society actions? Discuss the research needs of civil society organisations, the most effective CSO strategies to work towards SCP, and how to support these strategies with more collaboration between researchers and civil society.
  • Making the case against economic growth and starting actions beyond growth. Discussion on the degrowth debate and the role of the civil society: strategies and list of actions.
  • Blueprint for European SCP Discussion in collaboration with the European Environment Bureau (EEB) on a Blueprint setting out the objectives for EU SCP, and identifying the key elements and actions needed to happen.
  • Opening the Marketplace of Ideas: Let’s do it! Formulating ideas for collective action. A platform for CSOs and the research community for idea generation and exchange. You can also bring your own experience and projects to the Marketplace!


The conference is linked to two ongoing projects co-ordinated by CSCP: CSO Platform on SCP (http://www.scp-dialogue.net)  and Action Town – Research and Action for SCP.  The conference is organised together with REC Hungary (Regional Environmental Center), SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute), WWF-UK (World Wide Fund for Nature), ANPED (Northern Alliance for Sustainability), SEI (Stockholm Environmental Insitute) and CfSD (The Centre for Sustainable Design).


For more information, please visit the project webpage.

The preliminary agenda of the conference can be downloaded from here (pdf).