March 19, 2008  Project News, CSCP News

Greenpeace challenges IT companies on consumption issues

With a new "Product Survey" launched at the CeBIT trade exhibition on electronics, Greenpeace International challenges the IT industry on the environmental performance of their products.


For its "Product Survey", Greenpeace has assessed 37 best-practice products from 14 companies, among these cell phones, handhelds and laptops. Company participation was voluntary. The rating covers issues like toxicity, recyclability and energy efficiency. A team by CSCP and the Wuppertal Institute has supported Greenpeace in developing the indicators relating to energy.


Greenpeace also regularly publishes the "Guide to Greener Electronics", a company rating on product sustainability. It is now published in the 7th edition, and focuses on ban of toxic substances and recyclability. Future versions will include energy efficiency as a criterion, also questioning companies on energy consumption in the companies' supply-chains.



Product Survey

Guide to Greener Electronics