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Sharing Economy Conference: CSCP kicks off framework discussion

On May 13, 2013 the Sharing Economy Conference brought together leading stakeholders in the field of Collaborative Consumption. Among many stakeholders from the field of Sharing Economy the CSCP participated in fruitful discussions to explore the necessary conditions to scale-up the Sharing Economy.


From the niche to a "real" Sharing Economy

Michael Kuhndt, Head of the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), gave a presentation on the potential of Collaborative Consumption Business Models to enable sustainable lifestyles and pointed out the necessity of broadening approaches to build the concept into a real sustainable sharing economy. He discussed challenges that companies face when expanding or scaling-up their businesses and identified a need to map out the necessary framework conditions for Collaborative Consumption to become a strong and viable pillar of our economy.

Michael Kuhndt's presentation at the Sharing Economy Conference 2013 (english)



20 framework requirements for scaling up Collaborative Consumption

The CSCP will take the discussions at the Sharing Economy Conference forward by conducting  a research study on the necessary framework conditions for Collaborative Consumption (CC). The study will seek to identify the necessary enabling factors for CC in terms of business models, technology, culture & values, consumer behaviour and also the necessary legal and political conditions for success.



The CSCP invites CC companies and initiatives to participate with our study and help map out and jointly create the conditions for the Sharing Economy to become a long term driver for sustainability.


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