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Latest news from The SMART Start-up ICT

After several SMART Start-up trainings, which have taken place in various African and European countries since 2009, the SMART Start-up Program has recently arrived in China. On the 18th of October, 2011 the CSCP together with Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems China and China Guanghua Foundation between 18 – 21 October, 2011 at T-Systems in Shanghai.



What happened in Shanghai?

A multidisciplinary group of young Chinese entrepreneurs from Shanghai, and talented students from Fudan, Jiatong and Tongji Universities was selected to join this unique entrepreneurial experience. The training aimed at inspiring the participants to realize the Sustainable Entrepreneurship’s potential to create a ripple effect on their lifestyles, their communities and to innovate the ICT industry. Apart from participation in an interactive training program, the trainees were also given a unique opportunity SMART Start-up ICT Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship which took place on the 21st of October 2011 at T-Systems.


The Stakeholders Meeting

The Stakeholder Meeting opened an interdisciplinary dialogue to a broad range of international Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship stakeholders, from entrepreneurs to policy makers, academicians, grant makers, companies and investors. Altogether over thirty participants joined this event. Furthermore, the stakeholders were given an opportunity to meet the next generation of Chinese sustainable entrepreneurs derived from the training program. They presented and pitched their innovative business models developed during the SMART Start-up ICT Training in order to collect hands-on recommendations and support for their business models.


The collected feedback

All in all, the SMART Start-up ICT Training in Shanghai proved to have a very positive impact on the participating individuals and the educational approach of the program received an excellent feedback from the trainees as well as the stakeholders, who were introduced to the program. Just to quote some of the many excited participants, who provided their opinions regarding:



- “This training is literally changing my life!”
- “It opens my mind for a new way of thinking! I am also learning a lot about myself. It is such an empowering experience!”
- “This training gives us lots of inspiration and knowledge on how to start up our ‘own journeys’, how to make a company sustainable.”



- “It is the most interactive and most interesting class I have ever had”
- “This training course applies a method, which is an entirely new way of teaching and learning for me! I really get involved into it and I am very happy about this experience! I have already learnt so much!” 
- “The method applied is simply great! It makes the understanding of sustainability easier and more enjoyable!”


Plans for the follow up

Building on the positive feedback and the learning derived from the application of the SMART Start-up ICT Program in Shanghai, the CSCP is currently discussing with partners involved in the Program and other relevant stakeholders the possible follow up scenarios intending to drivesustainable innovation and promote sustainable practices in the ICT sector via sustainable entrepreneurship measures.The experiences from Shanghai are also being analyzed in the preparation for the forthcoming SMART Start-up ICT Training, which is going to take place between 5 – 8 March, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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