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| Posted April 5, 2017

Close the Loop! Learn the Tools and Methods to Implement SDG 12 Successfully

Learn the tools and methods to implement SDG12 successfully! In collaboration with the Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development of the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC), the CSCP developed a six-week online course with weekly webinars. This course is open to UN Staff, policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, civil society, and interested consumers willing to make responsible […]


| Posted April 3, 2017

Integrating the Lifestyle Perspective into the Circular Economy

Traditional business models, relying on large quantities of cheap and easily accessible materials and energy, are reaching their physical limits. Innovative business approaches, based on eco-design, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling, coupled with the spreading of a more sustainable lifestyle culture are fundamental! The European Commission adopted the Circular Economy Package 2015. This package refers to […]


| Posted April 2, 2017

CSCP at G-STIC: Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conferences, 23-25 October 2017

To limit global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius and to achieve the ambitious SDGs, a transition is needed to more resilient economic and social development models. This will require the world-wide implementation of new technologies, and new ways of producing and consuming, which will be presented and discussed at G-STIC. On 23-25 October […]


| Posted April 1, 2017

First Happy Power Hour II Workshop Shines a Light on Dynamic Tariffs

What are the driving forces and challenges for the implementation of a dynamic electricity tariff? This February, the CSCP and Neue Effizienz of the Happy Power Hour II research consortium held the first workshop with companies to identify those hot spots and ultimately develop a methodology toolbox to enhance acceptance in the companies. The German […]


| Posted March 30, 2017

“Sustainable Asia”: a Regional Case Study Handbook on SCP Launched

In January 2017, the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility published “Sustainable Asia”, one of the most comprehensive studies to date on the status of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in various Asian countries. The book focuses on key sectors such as tourism and manufacturing, and examines in detail SCP approaches and innovative solutions demonstrated by projects supported […]


| Posted

Future Scenario Expert Workshop on Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyles in 2040

What does a healthy and sustainable lifestyle look like in 2040? Attend INHERIT’s First Future Scenario Expert Workshop on 11 May 2017 in Cologne, Germany and help answer this question! Stakeholders attending this workshop will have the unique opportunity to debate these findings directly with project partners and discuss how practices can be applied across […]


| Posted March 29, 2017

ABNB Makes its Public Debut at Fruit Logistica and Beyond

With 11kg/per capita of bananas consumed in Germany each year, have you ever wondered how this tropical fruit makes its way across the globe to your plate? The Action Alliance for Sustainable Bananas made its public debut in Berlin at Fruit Logistica and Brussels’ HDE Spring festival, where key members captivated audiences with their case […]


| Posted March 21, 2017

Sustainable Tourism in Kenya: Empowering Communities Through Collaborative Innovation

How can tourism generate more benefits for local communities in Kenya? What roles can stakeholders play to make this vision a reality?  On 16 and 17 February, 2017, the Salverberg Retreat Center in Nairobi welcomed SMEs, policy makers, and civic groups to the SUS-TOUR Collaborative Innovation Workshop, where they explored answers and joint actions to […]


| Posted March 16, 2017

REFRESH Food Waste 2017 Conference Coming Together to Discuss Food Waste Reduction and Valorisation

Just a handful of places are left at the upcoming multi-stakeholder conference of the EU-REFRESH project in Berlin 18 May 2017. Come join us and the other REFRESH partners as we bring together champions of food waste reduction and valorisation for a day of presentations, discussions, interactive sessions, and networking. Alongside these, participants will be […]


| Posted March 6, 2017

“CSR Factory“ on 9th March in Düsseldorf

On March 9th, the CSR Hub NRW is partnering with the Factory Campus Düsseldorf, a co-working and co-innovation mega space of 32.000 square meters in the heart of the state’s capital. Together, we will provide a taste of CSR  for regional start-ups. These practical takeaways will be packed into a free one-day workshop.  Highlighting at […]